Guest Reviews


The trip was excellent overall we had an extraordinary time. I do have to say that our guides on the safari were awesome. We really loved Moshi and I thought that all 3 guides worked well together calling each other when we saw exceptional animals to make sure that everyone saw them. The hotels were spectacular as well. All the hotels provided excellent service and the accommodations were very comfortable. Overall it was an incredible trip.Alison Fernandez – Kilimanjaro 2010

Hi! I had an AMAZING time on the trip to Africa. Summit day was hard and when I made it to the top, I cried (until I realized I was hypoxic and probably should stop crying)! I thought Alex and Ashley did a great job keeping us informed and organized. Festo took great care of us on the mountain. The porters.....they were unbelievable. I couldn't believe how hard they worked to keep us fed and comfortable. I am really proud of our group for working so well together and for achieving something so great. Everyday was really a great experience and I am so glad that I went.Jen Schildt – Kilimanjaro 2010

Was a great trip. Nothing but good things to report!Anil. – Kilimanjaro 2009

I have just recently returned from the Kilimanjaro/safari trip. I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the exemplary work of our lead guides on this adventure: Brett and Katy Venable. This truly was the "trip of a lifetime" and this was due, in large part, to the contributions of Brett and Katy. Their expertise, confidence, and all around wonderful personalities were an integral part of my (and everyone's) experience. In my humble opinion, they did an outstanding job and represent Bio Bio in the finest fashion. Thank you for an amazing trip and please pass on my gratitude to Brett and Katy for the excellent job they did.Bob D'Zio – Kilimanjaro 2009

The trip was great, The food was excellent and the guides were very friendly. I have some really fantastic pictures to show all my friends here at home. I think the game drives with all the animals and the kayaking trip were the most enjoyable for me.Richard – Zambezi 2010

As far as the Safari and the CME course, I had the time of my life! Rachel is a superb guide with a superb personality and a Halo of Sainthood all around her. She made a difference on our trip!!!! All the accommodations exceeded my expectations. The food was excellent. The people, local and traveling companions were amazing. Thanks Bio Bio for a trip of a lifetime!Vanera – Kilimanjaro

Hey Marc!!! Just returned yesterday from our amazing amazing trip to Zimbabwe.. It was everything you said.. one of the best and most memorable trips of a lifetime.. from start to finish, every single moment had something special to remember it by.. not sure where to start but I will do my best. Thanks so much!Shobita - Zambezi 2010

What an adventure, 2 weeks in the bush of Zimbabwe, rafting and kayaking down the Zambezi, dodging crocs and hippos. Incredible, guides steering us through some of biggest rapids in the world, throwing yourself off a cliff over the gorge, chased by warthogs and a giraffe, then relaxing at a first class tent camp deep in bush to see some amazing African wildlife. WOW, did that all really happen?Jodie Hershey, Zambezi 2010

Both Brett and Katie did an amazing job guiding our climb on Mt Kilimanjaro. They solved each challenge with a smile and were always very professional. I believe it was due to them that all of our group made it to the base camp before summit day. I thought they handled the clothes donation and tipping procedure with great efficiency. Festo is an amazing mountain head guide. He obviously knows Kili like the back of his hand and made sure the climb went seamlessly. Extra personal kudos to him as even though he had to quickly get back down the mountain to meet up with Rachel's group, he still took the time to personally guide me up the mountain as I was the pole, pole group. I KNOW he was the reason I made it to the top!! I also wanted to let you know that I thought Bio Bio did a great job - every day the drivers were very professional and no major problems. He also said we could call him from Zanzibar if there were any problems - that extra care is what makes a great trip and it eased my mind greatly.Beth Hamilton - Kilimanjaro 2008

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a fantastic job I thought you did throughout our time on the mountain. You were both a great leader and also a great companion – not always an easy combination to hit. You inspired confidence, you were patient beyond what could be expected, you kept us informed and I think everyone on the trip genuinely liked and respected you at a very high level – a difficult task with such a diverse group. Not only that, you were excellent at serving soup. Sidelight – despite my efforts at the dinner table, I lost eight pounds on the trip. The fact that our group basically stayed together the entire time, and that all but one who attempted made the summit, was no accident. I think it was a testament to your leadership and support. I said it to you at the time, and I will reiterate now, we were very, very lucky to have you heading up our expedition. Thank you very much for all you did. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Also, if you are in contact with Festo and Rasta, please extend my thanks to them as well. I’m not sure how we could have had a better team of guides.Mike McQuiston - Kilimanjaro

Amazing river, even more amazing guides! As always, one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. Have a feeling that we’ll be back again. Looking forward to our next adventures with you – y’all rock!Marya. Nancy, and Linda - Africa

Did we survive? Absolutely. Fantastic time and another Bio Bio killer trip!Jaime – Zambezi 2010

Hi Marc Fantastic trip! Jane and I had a great time, experienced some very fun and positive things we had not experienced before and made some great friends. ( I am not sure what we were thinking getting strapped on the gorge swing!) The Zambezi and Victoria Falls is something everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Attempting to boogie board a class IV rapid was a fun but humbling experience. The people and especially the guides we encountered were all very friendly and concerned with keeping us safe while still having fun. Good brief from Brent prior to departure on river portion. Hwange National Park was beautiful. The Somalisa lodge was not to be missed and great service to boot. Wildlife was up close and personal. A feeding elephant actually bumped the support lines for the tent one night and shook the tent. What a thrill! We very much enjoyed the character and charm of the Vic Falls Hotel and the service was excellent. Highly recommend this trip to anyone whether they have ever picked up a paddle or not. Jane and Gary Seffel Maryland, USAGary Seffel - Zambezi Explorer 2011

Bhutan, Nepal & India

I am still trying to find the right words to describe my experience in Bhutan...I don't think the words exist. It was magical and I loved every second of it. I feel truly fortunate to have been part of such a special was such an unique journey filled with incredible memories that will stay with me forever. I have definitely left a piece of my heart in Bhutan and hope to return there in the not too distant future....( i want to do the snowman trek!). I'm so happy that I got to meet Phil, Willie and Jed -- they were tons of fun and added so much to the trip for me...and of course, you already know that I think the world of Jorge....Carrie - Bhutan, 2010

Congratulations!!! It was a trip of a lifetime. Jake and I still have our big shit-eaters on. Also, tell Piero that we both are still sporting the bracelet that he gifted us. Today, I turned someone on to Bio Bio who is interested in your doctor trips. Way you rock!Russ - Bhutan

Marc, Ugyen and Karma Our trip was amazing! We've been home a week now and have had time to reflect on so much. From the moment we arrived being met by Karma til we left with sad farewells, our experiences were very positive. Everyday brought some special moment that we will never forget. Karma became a friend as well as a guide and showed us the people, culture and religion of Bhutan in a meaningful and sincere way that has changed us forever positively. His knowledge base is extremely broad and helpful on just about every subject. We had great discussions with our group of 8 and Karma all the time. If/when we come back to Bhutan we would want him again! Sonam, our driver, was great. He ensured our safety on the crazy roads and looked after our bags and valuables perfectly. We wouldn't change anything about the trip other than adding another day in Phobjika Valley so that we could have enjoyed the fabulous hotel, peace and tranquility. Biking around that valley would have been very special. All the hotels were great. Karma certainly went out of his way to find us wonderful food, especially his sister's restaurant. We all loved the tour of Paro's hospital. Bill and Si plan to make a presentation to their medical colleagues in Orillia. The trek was the highlight for us. We would have liked warmer sleeping bags although we appreciated the extra blankets and hot water bottles. Great touch but a warmer bag would have been better! One of the reasons we came to Bhutan was its reputation as a "green" country preserving its natural flora and fauna and way of life. We loved being immersed in the Buddhist faith. In our opinion the tariff of $250 per day per tourist is a very good way to protect Bhutan's environment from the ravages of cheap tourism that we have seen destroy many other developing countries on our travels. We were thrilled by the native forests that are still intact. We hope that wisdom prevails in future policy making and tourism is carefully managed. Thank you all for making this trip so special! Will we return? Hope so! Karma certainly enticed us with other treks and rafting and elephant safaris. Keep us posted. Best wishes and many "OK sures" Wendy & SiWendy Lowry - Bhutan 2012

Marc, here we are in Thimphu a happy bunch our trip was fabulous I loved the country of Bhutan and the friendly Bhutanese people. we had beautiful weather in Nov. with rich blue skies. it was cold at night when camping , the hot water bottles were brilliant. Our guide Karma was informative, flexible, fun and caring,our days were organized and punctual. We felt like we made a new friend. Our driver Sonom was safe and also fun. we enjoyed the variety of hiking , camping, biking and rafting. I would say the hiking was not moderate but moderate to difficult. Our longest hike day was 18 km up and down valleys and in elevation . Our Monastery tours were informative. all in all a wow trip. thank you for your organization and attention to detail to make our trip a success. Ennis ColemanEnnis Coleman - Bhutan 2012

The Bhutan trip was amazing!!! We loved it. The rivers were gorgeous and the itinerary was perfect. We got to see so much of the country in addition to the Chhu's. Our Bhutanese guide, Tshe Tshe, was great. He was super knowledgeable and flexible. It was great to have the same car and driver and guide the whole time. And we are super glad we got to take the plane between Bumthang and Paro. That drive back would have been brutal!!!! All the places we stayed and the food we ate were perfect!! We even got to meet and have dinner Yougs on 2 occasions - which was nice. The stay at the palace and the cultural show and Mangedu Chhu float were all phenomenal as well. And we had the right amount of rafting and hiking mixed in with seeing the Temple and Dzongs. So as you can tell from above all 5 of us pretty much loved the trip! Thanks again! Rachael Dent, Bhutan 2014Rachael Dent , Bhutan 2014

California & Oregon

“Awesome, action-packed days full of all the stuff I was hoping to do and learn! I wouldn’t change a thing…World class faculty and it shows…obviously experienced with everything they are teaching…practical, ‘real-world’ approach…fun and excellent communicators. Each lecture / teaching session was great. Competent, safe, knowledgeable guides that are a lot of fun!Brad Aueck, MD Klamath CME

A wilderness adventure with top-notch staff providing excellent food, fun and facts. Beautiful scenery and outstanding faculty make this a must do for every outdoor enthusiast and medical types alike.Kristen Wheeler, RN, BSN Klamath CME

The most informative, hands-on, interesting CME I have ever attended….Instructors well-versed and entertaining…guides very safety oriented and helpful…food was amazing! This was the best CME I have attended in my 13 years of practice and I look forward to attending again…Dan Weiler, MD Klamath CME

This is a Great course…I don’t know of any other course that combines so much quality wilderness medicine education with so much fun...I’d like to come back every year to be on the faculty…Howard Donner, MD Klamath CME

"Cannot say enough good about this course! Excellent in every way! Fabulous course content. Perfect location! Will highly recommend this course to others!"Robert Kenton M.D Radiology , Reno NV

"Best CME ever! This will be a trip we will remember forever! Awesome itinerary! Wonderful faculty-tops in knowledge! I learned many new things from all of the faculty."Ken Mason , MD

Chile & Argentina

We had an incredible trip on the river. For me actually it was a metamorphosis to a degree. Thank you for all your help and effort – it was one of the best times I have had in years – maybe decades even. It was like being in a dream and we all felt that way. The camp was five star! It may have just changed this ancient man’s life a bit.Al Read – Futaleufu 2007

The trip more than exceeded my expectations in every way: your camp, the food, your unbelievable staff, and of course the river itself. Thank you, thank you for such an amazing trip. I feel so lucky to have gotten to experience the Futaleufu. I feel as though i left there with new energy and enthusiasm towards my life and trying new things that has not yet ceased.Stacey – Futaleufu 2010

Wow!! What an amazing trip we had. It was such a blast and so beautiful there. Thank you so much for making it such a perfect trip. Your camp is incredible, and the set up is impressive. The food was delicious but most of all your staff was just incredible. They are gifted guides with so much skill and knowledge about the river and the area. We had so much fun with them and loved getting to know them.Kim – Futaleufu 2010

Hi Marc, Thanks for reaching out! I had the absolute best week of my entire life and cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to experience the Fu. Between the guides who made me feel like I was a part of their family to all of the amazing travelers who I met, I do not think I will be able to replicate this trip for a long time. Bio Bio has created an extraordinary experience on the Fu… leaving there was very difficult for me. I can guarantee that you will be seeing me there again or on another trip with you guys in the future. Thank you again, Lindsay Bradley Market Manager Jetsetter, A TripAdvisor CompanyLindsay Bradley - Futaleufu 2014

Bio Bio crew – Thank you for sharing your bliss. I came an over-exhausted New Yorker. I leave remembering what peace” and “happiness” are all about and where they live in me.” Love and thanksGrace Gardark – Futaleufu

Great trip, and everything surpassed our expectations. 5-Star camping! I’m bringing the kids next time. Fabulous experience!Craig and Kim Stevens – Futaleufu 2004

Thanks guys, you have all been so awesome, friendly, and helpful. You may have saved my soul. Thanks so much for everything!Jana Bidner – Futaleufu 2005

I truly LOVED it! So glad i went.Carrie Wolfe – Futaleufu 2010

Just wanted to thank you and all of you again for an incredible adventure. Beyond expectations. You and Lawrence have put together an awesome program. My 15 year son watched the video last night and I realized how sorry I was he wasn't able to go. He would have loved the wild rides down the river and all of you. Every time I go on a river trip a good half of the experience are the guides who I always find to be such interesting people. I truly hope a reunion trip happens this summer; it would be great to see you all again. Please give my best to everyone.Susie Hagemeister - Futaleufu 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for everything down on the Futa. I had the time of my life working down at the camp and going down the river! My time down there was too short-lived and I cannot wait to come back. BioBio is an awesome company and I'm working on convincing my family to take a trip. Anyways, thanks again..have a great season...and I'd love to come back next season if you need an extra worker! Besos to everyone!Jackie George - Chile 2010

Please pass to rest of the staff my sincere thanks for the wonderful trip we had in Chile this year. I can't begin to describe what great group of people you have down there, it was a trip of a lifetime!Tim Wilson – Futaleufu 2010

Just a quick note to say Paul and I had the time of our lives and enjoyed everyone's company over the week. I really did have the best time of my life. We wish we could continue on and not go back to work. Lucky for Paul, he is continuing his journey for the next month whilst I will be slaving away back in the office as of Friday.Nicole – Futaleufu 2010

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing adventure and experience. I always have a huge smile when I talk about that part of my trip. You really helped make that happen for me at the last minute and I really appreciate it. If you ever need any help with any PR-related stuff, let me know. I'm a marketing/PR professional with lots of free time and would gladly help you out with anything pro bono. That's how much of a good time I had!Melissa – Futaleufu 2009

The trip was really great from start to finish - the meals, the scenery, the staff, the white water, the drinks, the hot tub... really everything. I kayaked a little - not too much - but I was having so much fun with the group - staff & clients - that working on my kayaking didn´t seem so necessary after all. That area is quite magical. You & Lorenzo really have a nice operation. Thanks for sharing it!!!Marybeth - Futaleufu - 2009

Just wanted to say thank you again for such a fun trip. It exceeded our expectations, and we cannot stop thinking about it all! Last night we had dinner with a group of folks in Chico and Carol & Monroe fired up John’s DVD as well as their own photos. The captive audience seemed pretty interested, and I foresee future clients for you. I have extra brochures, so I’ll pass them along.Armen Kamian – Futaleufu 2008

I have to begin by thanking you both so much! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this trip was for me. I know I sound dramatic, but it was life altering for me. I had an outstanding time and can’t wait till Zambezi.Gosh. I can’t tell you what a transition it was for me to return to NYC. Sub zero temps, the fast pace, and well my cuisine has taken a huge nose dive… I miss the river, snowcapped mountains, full moons, and most importantly the members of your team. I just wanted you to know what a great crew you’ve gotten together.Ira Shetty - Futaleufu 2007

wanted to extend warmest thanks again for the tlc. You all made us feel less like guests than friends. we were really impressed by the entire staff-so capable, personable, and FUN - a tribute to your own individual warmth and professionalism, and therefore, ability to attract the best. kudos and thanks to all...may Jorge and Alex catch many more big fish this season!!Ginger alden - Futaleufu

Marc, you have been a pleasure to work with. We know that our vacation last year was a once in a lifetime opportunity – neither of us had ever been on a vacation that long. We put ourselves in your hands and you and Bio Bio overachieved every step of the way.Allan Levin - Futaleufu 2006

We made it home and everyone in the family can’t stop talking about our wonderful adventure on the Futaleufu. It met and far exceeded all my expectations of what it would be and you guys really came through in giving Susan a birthday she will never forget. You run a first class organization from the top to the bottom. Everyone showed that they really wanted to be part of BioBio and make the trip special. Now my wife is trying to figure out where to go next with you guys – Peru or Africa.Ted – Futaleufu 2008

We want to express our gratitude and love for the care you took, knowing that mother nature has the final say... but you all were trained, confident and used your leadership to guide our rafts through the roller coaster rides we experienced. The trip was overall a trip of a lifetime. Special thanks to Diego for helping us out. The economy in the US may suck but we were able to completely separate ourselves from this and live in 2 weeks of bliss! This we thank you all for!! Love you all and again MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!Johnna and Chris – Futaleufu 2009

Hola Marc and Lorenzo! I just wanted to say many, many thanks for helping us get to the Futaleufu. It is appreciated beyond words and the trip was truly an incredible and unforgettable experience that I reminisce about daily. Your staff and the locals are very special people indeed and the location and setup you have there is paradise. I hope to see any or all of you again some time! Besos y abrasos,Theresa Clinton – Futaleufu 2009

I just returned home this morning from the Futaleufu trip. The trip was truly wonderful and one of the best trips have been on. I will most certainly highly recommend this trip to all my friends and colleagues who like to travel.Shobita - Futaleufu

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we had a great week at Bio Bio. The staff did an excellent job of accommodating both our paddling abilities and our interests. You and I talked before the trip and you provided me with a lot of very helpful information as I was very nervous. We put together a week of paddling that was all fun, not scary, and very confidence building. I really appreciated your inputs and the sensitivity of Jorge, Phil and Diego. So, thank you and your team for a great week and a week that was confidence building. It is a beautiful place and everyone did a lot to make sure we were able to make the best of it. I had so much fun on the water than I never even got on a mountain bike and that is saying a lot for me. I would highly recommend Bio Bio and if you ever need a reference to another nervous female kayaker, I would be happy to be a reference for you.Deborah – Futaleufu 2009

Well, we just finished a fantastic week on the Futaleufu. What a fantastic river! The instruction and tips that I learned during the week were awesome as well. I really can't believe how much I learned. Phil Boyer did a great job and words really can't express how happy I was with the week and how much it helped my confidence. I still suck at kayaking but I definitely have a few more arrows in my kayaking quiver and straightened out a couple of problems (or at least understand what I was doing wrong - now I just need to make it happen). The Bio Bio Camp was amazing. We had such great food (Cookie is amazing), a great place to stay right next to the river and amazing guides/staff. I can't say enough good things about Bio Bio and would both highly recommend them and happily go back again.Arn – Futaleufu Kayaking 2009

What an amazing adventure I had! The Futaleufu, Chile, Argentina - all gorgeous and in many ways, wonderfully wild and other-worldly. You and your group are all incredibly warm and made it so special and stress-free for me. Your "no problem" mantra pervades all that you do and provide for all your guests. Everyone should be as lucky as I was to partake in the Bio-Bio experience. I sincerely hope to return in the not-too-distant future, and with as many friends and family as I can convince to join me!Andrea Lyons – Futaleufu 2009

how could I not smile in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. I am so glad Phil told me about Chile and the wonderful things in store for me. The trip down there healed a great pain in my heart and restored my energy. My heart could stay down there but it must keep going. I do hope to see you again - maybe on the Zambezi!!Ellen – Futaleufu 2009

Thank you for a wonderful time. I was saddened to depart the beautiful Bio-Bio camp on the equally beautiful Futaleufu River. I will treasure many wonderful memories that I brought back with me for a lifetime.Roxanne Wells

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful experience for my family and I on the Futaleufu. I really do appreciate the extra effort that you and your staff put forth for us and especially Danny. He had a wonderful time, and has done a Powerpoint presentation for his 3rd grade class on the trip with photos and movie clips.Eric Weiss – Futaleufu 2008

It was absolutely the best vacation we've ever had. Wow!!! You and Lawrence have a great vision, wonderful staff, and superb location. Even better, we felt totally comfortable about Lorenzo & Co's judgment on safety matters and with the kids. I could go on and on.Jefferey Newman - Futaleufu 2009

You are lucky to have such a great group of people that you work with. Although - I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. You and Lawrence put together a terrific program and treat each member of the team as an equal. It is no wonder you are successful and will continue to be into the future. I wanted to thank you again for a great trip. It was an adventure that meant more than just fun - it was a reminder of the life style we forget about. I have already begun talking to my wife about future possible trips. I will continue to stay in touch with you and your staff. I hate to admit it but Greg “Doogie” was right. It was a trip of a lifetime.Craig Hoffend - Futaleufu 2007

The Fu is ‘FUN!’ Big water, blue skies, great group, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, hot tubbing, massage, sauna, happy hours, card games, great food, and of course world class rafting…wow! Riding a horse, galloping through a meadow, surrounded by the snow-capped Patagonian peaks. I had never seen anything so beautiful. It made me cry. Thanks to Bio Bio for the excellent rafting, the in-camp luxury, and an overall unforgettable experience!Linda Parker - Futaleufu 2006

One week in the Bio Bio Camp on the Fu “has recharged my batteries, cleaned my soul and cleared my mind. The entire experience is as good as it gets. I will treasure it all my life and wish everybody could have one week with Bio Bio. First rate in every way. Thanks for sharing your dream with us.Michael Gosselin - Futaleufu 2004

I’ve vacationed with several great outfitters in a few wonderful places in the world of wonderful rivers. No where has the effect been so cathartic and tranquil. When time permits I will return for the excellent food, friendship, adventure and good times. Thank you so very much for this island in the sun and water that renews your soul.Pete Skinner – Futaleufu 2003

Bio Bio Expeditions – the ultimate expedition camp for the outdoor type adventuresome spirit with a young heart. Between the serene beauty of the mountains of Patagonia and the rough and wild waters of the Futaleufu, the memories of wonderful friends will linger in my heart for many years to come. Searching, longing, rediscovering my heart and soul have been replenished by this pristine wilderness. The surging waves and thunderous holes serve my quest for connection with nature’s awesome power. Thank you to all for sharing this wonderful week in my life. All I can see is filed with such unbelievable beauty all I can say is Amen and Thank you (plus the cold beer and copious vino tinto is not so bad either!)Dr. Stephen Gunther - Futaleufu 2002

One week on the Fu with the Bio Bio crew marked a huge life affirming transition for me. It was all I expected and more. The food was awesome, the river guides rocked, and the kitchen staff always met me with smiles. Thank you for a fantastic trip and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon!Phil Paley – Futaleufu 2000

Bio Bio crew – thank you so much for the most exciting adventure I’ve ever had. I look forward to more trips from Bio Bio. Everyone was so helpful and generous, you truly have something special here!Dave Wilkinson – Futaleufu 2000

I don’t want to leave!Robin – Futaleufu 2001

Great trip, and everything surpassed our expectations. 5-Star camping! I’m bringing the kids next time. Fabulous experience!Craig and Kim Stevens – Futaleufu 2004

Thank You! for such an incredible experience. The combination of ingredients on your trips makes it very hard for anyone not to have fun. The river is impossible to describe and so beautiful. The campsites and hiking equally beautiful. The food extra good. But what makes it all so special are the people involved. You have a wonderful group of very caring individuals. Each has something special to contribute and each cares. What I remember most is helping hands. Be it cooking, paddling, climbing, or whatever, there were always hands willing to help. I can not tell you the number of times, especially on rocks by the scouting rapids, that I would be debating where to put a foot next when a hand would appear to help. The energy and enthusiasm that you all exude is impossible to capture in a brochure or video. You are each great and obviously gave us an incredible experience to treasure. A very happy pair.Susie and Bill Old – Futaleufu 1999

Thanks for such an amazing week in an incredibly beautiful river in spectacular surroundings. The complex ecosystem that constitutes the Futaleufu Valley. Rolando and his family, the verdant mountains, the glorious green – the blue of the river – Thanks for introducing us to all of it!Jane Conroy -Futaleufu 2002

Thank you for a wonderful Chilean adventure! You anticipated our every need – I’ve never camped in a more luxurious setting! I appreciated your responding to requests for changes in the daily activities and offering so many different options. The short kayaking run I made on the Fu” with Johnny made the trip absolutely perfect. I’ll be telling all the paddlers I know in Virginia about Bio Bio Expeditions. See you on a river, somewhere, before too long!”Sarah Gravatt – Futaleufu 2005

Bio Bio is to be commended for what they have created so that we might share and experience what we have been so fortunate to do – the days spent on or along the Rio Futaleufu. When we arrived, we were strangers. We left part of a family that will be ours forever. Many thanks to a wonderful group of professionals.David Land - Futaleufu 2000

What an amazing week! We won't forget Susie's sunrise yoga. our fantastic guide Stan, and the fabulous new friends we shared it with. Cristian's cooking is out of this world... don't lose him! Bio Bio has really thought of every last touch to make this an incredible trip. We are leaving relaxed, refreshed, and energized. Thanks for accommodating a pregnant woman on the Fu... we can't wait to return with our little rower!Katherine & Jon Steitz - Futaleufu, 2010

Christmas Day 12-25-2010 We had hoped fro memorable family vacation and you exceeded them all. Lorenzo- bless you and thank you for creating this beautiful place, for building the camp, recruiting an incredible staff & making each guest feel so welcomed!! To all the Bio Bio staff - you are awesome! Diego you were the best tent captain- we so loved your coffee in the morning and your warm hugs and great smile! Ashley B thank you for taking cared of Stephen & Mark. Ashley A & Brian thank you for greeting us in Bariloche and getting us here. Cookie-your meals were so good!! I know we ate way more than we usually do - hopefully we worked it off on the fabulous Futaleufu! Stan and all the guides -Diego, Brian, Ashley A, Mike, Judit, Jorge, Ashley B, - You are first class - you managed to convert a nervous Mom into a river lover! I have immense respect for your skill and professionalism and great party group as well!Futaleufu Multi Sport

Christmas night Futaleufu - 12/25/10 You have created a place reflective of who you are. A place of beauty and wonderment. A place to find adventure and comraderie, but beyond that, a place to find meaning. This is a trip I have wanted to take for years and you provided a home +an experience which exceeded all hopes and expectations. Stan, Brian, Ashley Eh, Diego, may have been my personal favorites (and Cookie!!) , but every member of you r staff reflects your own proffesionalism, charm, and burning desire to give your guests more than just a vacation. The river alone would have been enough, but the experience of Bio Bio is far greater than what flows past its boundries. As I mentioned tonight in the Pagoda, you have given me my photo, that I have dreamed of since I was a child. One day if I have children of my own, they will look at my picture of Janson and Alex and me, here in this place you've built, and they too may dream of adventure. I can only hope for them that they find as much as I found here; for the heart and soul. Thank you, thank you , thank you. -- Herb RatnerHerb Ratner - Futaleufu 2010 - Christmas Night

26.12.10 - Futaleufu The atmosphere of relaxation, happiness and adventure that you have created here is amazing-- it took me some time to recall the exact date before writing this guest book entry... Thank you for a wonderful trip / journey! The family here at the Futaleufu camp were extremely warm and welcoming. You could never turn anywhere without encountering agood conversation or a genuine smile. And the introduction to the river valley, whitewater rafting, ducky ing etc. will stay with me for many years to come. Looking forward to the next adventure. Justin Pront, Chicago, Ill.Justin Pront

December 26th, 2010 – Futaleufu Bio Bio is neither a rafting company nor is it a camp. It's a family of friends A fellowship of the river An adventure of a lifetime an experience I shall treasure forever always, Alex Litvak, L.A, CAAlex Litvak

To the Bio Bio Team, for someone who came here not wanting to raft, i had the most amazing time ever & the best holiday I have ever had!!Gary and I think you are just the most wonderful people, friendly, caring and always have a smile on your faces, you really are the best!!!! We will definately be back! (: Thank you, Monique and Gary xxxx 2012 FutaleufuMonique and Gary

Words cannot portray our gratitude. The music, the horses, the personal attention, the food. Oh, and the river too. And don't forget Wayna! Thank you for everything!! Muchas gracias Santago and crewRobert and Julie ZInk - FU 2012

To the Bio Bio Team, 1/20/2012 Thank you so much for a life long memory and experience. You are all wonderful, caring and so kind. We had a blast. Thank you Thank you, Glenda + RhondaGlenda and Rhonda

Aaaaahhhhhhh, miss everyone, the Fu, and Bio Bio camp so much! That was one of the best weeks of my life in a landscape I couldn´t have even dreamed of. Thank you all for everything - settling and building that beautiful camp, guiding us down seriously fun water, teaching us to kayak, making us smile constantly, filming us, feeding us delicious food. I could go on and on but just wanted to send a huge thank you right away and send my love. I just spent the day on the gorgeous Perito Moreno glacier, but sadly missing the Fu (and lack of tourists) the whole time. With MUCH gratitude, Shiraz Futaleufu 2013 Page Bertelsen Photography www.pagebertelsen.comPage Bertelsen Futaleufu 2013

Good Morning Tory! Thank you very much for accommodating our schedule and setting up our trip. We had an incredible time and our guide, Hernan was absolutely amazing; knowledgeable, passionate, fun, considerate, enthusiastic, attentive, ready to charge each and every day, the list goes on. Big props to him! What a beautifully breathtaking place. Back home and ready for snow. Thanks again! Shannon Torree Del Paine December 2014Shannon Ralves: Torres Del Paine 2015

Costa Rica

Good Morning Marc, The trip went more than well, it was a dream come true! I really appreciate the level of detail in which each activity was executed and the excellent customer service provided, from your correspondence and follow up to the actual adventures and guides. I also cannot stay enough positive things about Raymundo, Luis, and Esteban who were extra ordinary and attentive in taking good care of us. We will continue to be your clients without a doubt in the near future. Have an excellent day and thank you so much!!!! Yadira Cox - Costa Rica 2013Yadira Cox, Costa Rica 2013

Custom & Luxury Safaris

The Africa trip was wonderful. Each of the accommodations was beautiful, interesting and unique. The staff at Tongabezi made it a warm and personal experience. The food was excellent. All details for excursions, connections and border crossings ran virtually seamless. I was very impressed by that. Certainly not an easy task to pull off given the number of activities and transfers that were arranged for us. Thank you deeply for whatever hand you had in all of this. I'm sure that is what accounted for such a personal touch.Teri – Zambezi 2009

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos was incredible. The boat was perfect. Upscale but perfect. Space wise, everything. The other guests were fun and we have met some really interesting people we will keep in touch with from the UK.Bonnie – Galapagos


I wanted to write and let you know about the amazing experience I recently had in Tanzania with your group, in particular with our guides Brett and Katie Venable. These two individuals were absolutely outstanding, and I can’t imagine that my trip would have been half as good without their assistance. From the moment I met them, they were extremely patient, kind and helpful. They were always there to answer any questions, and there were MANY questions, about everything on the trip, and their positive attitudes and smiling faces seemed to keep the whole group in the same positive vibe. And what’s even more incredible is that the attitude remained the same for the entire trip! Even though my trip ended a month ago, I still think about it every day and can’t believe how absolutely incredible it was. Brett and Katie were a big part of that, and your entire BioBio staff was really exceptional. This was the best tour group I’ve ever used, and I already plan to get my next trip with the group scheduled ASAP. I have recommended BioBio to many friends and colleagues, and have told everyone to try to get Brett and Katie as their guides if possible. What an outstanding couple of people. Thank you so much for a life changing trip I will never forget!Amanda J. Sweet - Kilimanjaro

My head is still spinning as I write this email. Its about having the most incredible "personal" experience of my life to-date and meeting exceptional people. Tanzania is now a part of me and I am a part of Tanzania.Rebekka - Kilimanjaro

Just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you the Kili/Safari trip was amazing and our family had a great time. Mattie and Bob made it to the summit and Ben and I got to 17,500 feet before asthma caught up with me and Ben got some altitude sickness. We were all pleased with our performance and then the safari portion was awesome. I want to let you know how great Brett and Katie were in guiding us and supporting the group, which was one of the larger ones I think they have dealt with..they are professional, fun to be around, and our kids loved them!!!Stephanie , Bob, Mattie, and Ben Sullivan - Kilimanjaro 2008

Hello. I had the recent pleasure to participate in the Bio Bio trip to Tanzania. I can truly say it was a trip of a lifetime. I wanted to write you and tell you what an asset you have in Brett and Katie. From the moment they greeted us at the airport, they made me feel welcome. I still remember Katie's great smile as we first met her. They lead our excursion with a careful attention to detail and thoughtfulness for everyone's comfort, safety, and enjoyment. I never once felt uneasy or unsafe throughout the whole trip. And I attribute that largely to Brett and Katie. Thanks for such a wonderful experience. I recommend Bio Bio to anyone who will listen.Jen Utley - Kilimanjaro

I thought the trip was fantastic! You guys were very easy to work with here at home and in Tanzania. The guides and porters on the mountain were all very friendly and I'm still surprised on the infinite amount of knowledge the guides have on pretty much everything related to Kilimanjaro (this applies to the safari guides too). Rasta, the pacesetter, had an excellent pace all the way up and down the mountain. I don't think I would have made it to the summit if the guides weren't as helpful as they were. One of them offered to take my backpack at around 18500ft and kept an eye on me every few minutes to check how I was doing. The tents were in great condition, the toilets were a great help and the dome was a great place to have meals and spend time at the end of every day (food was very good considering we were hiking a mountain). The safari was very enjoyable and a good way of relaxing after Kili. The parks we visited exceeded my expectations (especially Ngorongoro).Carlos Arias - Kilimanjaro 2007

You have always provided wonderful experiences, but Kilimanjaro in October was the gift of a lifetime.Mary Mason - Kilimanjaro 2009

Aside from the exhilaration and adrenaline rush one would expect from this adventure. I had no idea how much I would love the added fringe benefits of beautiful surroundings, great company, camaraderie and new friendships.Eve Alldrigre - Kilimanjaro

Mark; Things are finally settling down a bit, so I'm writing a brief note. I had a great time and soooo worth it!!!! Tate and the Bio crew, from the driver and office people to the guides and Festo were superb!! It was an awesome trip!! I've been an international rafting guide, so I know the complexities of international travel. Tate handled it all smoothly, efficiently and made it look easy. At no time did we ever feel stress or insecure or uncertain regarding trip logistics. That is an awesome job by an international crew, led by Tate, to make such an involved itinerary feel so smooth to the clients. Extremely well managed!!! You have done a good job establishing relationships in Tanzania. You have quality people on all levels, excellent equipment and quality local operators. Tate continued to positively nurture those relationships. He has a relaxed, competent leadership style that served us well and afforded him respect from those he dealt with in making this trip go so well. Again, exceptional job by all involved! Keep doing what you are doing and keep Tate on the top of your list!! I'd do a trip with him anytime and sincerely hope that happens! I hope to get on the Zambezi, so if you get an opening give me a holler. JohnJohn Jacobs - Kilimanjaro 2012

Thanks for the email. We had a fantastic time and will recommend Bio Bio to anyone who asks about Kilimanjaro or any other adventure trips. I can't say enough about Tate Higgins. He was just great and he was not only a great guide but also very personable and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend you use him regularly as one of your guides as he helped to make out trip the success that is was. The other mountain guides from Tanzania were also excellent, and in fact the whole team was fantastic. Halima and Joyce were wonderful and made all our transitions seamless and stress free, which is of course what I was looking for on holidays! As I said earlier, I can't say enough good things about the team. I hope to go on another Bio Bio trip one day, if I can convince my wife! Thanks and your company did a great job. Allan McDonaldAllan McDonald - Kilimanjaro 2012

Marc, This is in regards of the recent trip I took to Mount Kilimanjaro with head guide Bill Seline. All I can say is it was such a great experience and exceptional trip and I have nothing but good things to say! Bill is one heck of a guide. He was informative and quite knowledgeable of the little things that made the trek a little bit easier and less worry some for me especially for someone who has hiking experience but forget the small things that makes my hike enjoyable. Also he just a great attitude and got a long with everyone. As for the trip I must say it was top notch. I had no expectations coming into the trip except to be dirty and to make it to Uhuru peak (done and done). The experience was definitely worth the money as I was looking at all the other camps we had encountered and I was glad I picked Bio Bio. The service, efficiency, porters (I'll get back to these guys), restroom facilities and FOOD was all exceptional. Special thanks to the chef on the mountain and Bio Bio for making great vegan meals for a vegan. I tell all my friends that I was "roughing it" with a splash of luxury. :O) A special shout out to the porters. It was an amazing sight to see all these graceful mountain greats hop on through the mountain like it was a normal Sunday walk in the park. It truly does put into perspective how fortunate we are as a country to have things that we often take for granted i.e. shoes and a functional warm jacket. When you said that it was worth lugging a box from JFK to Arusha I couldn't/didn't imagine what that meant but when I saw all those porters and their gear and clothing I was a million times happy that I brought all the extra stuff since I knew it was going to be put into good use. Also commendable on how Bio Bio treats their staff and porters; it speaks highly from a humanitarian sense that the company does care. Last and certainly not least the mountain guides. Busta definitely knows the mountain like the back of his head, special thanks to Frank, Habib and Barnabus for keeping up with me whenever I went a head of the group and keeping an eye so I didn't get lost. All in all it was such a memorable trip, made great friends, had a wonderful experience and will definitely look into Bio Bio again for one of your trips. Was thinking of doing Patagonia/Antarctica next year do you all have any expeditions going around that area? Regards, Gerard BartolomeGerard Bartolome - Kilimanjaro 2012


Our trip to Peru was extraordinarily wonderful on every level. We arrived home--healthy and happy--Saturday. After I get a little caught up, I'll give you a call. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how very high we are about the entire experience. Needless to say, Piero and Julio are fantastic. Thank you for all of your help.Janet – Peru / Inca trail 2010

We had an awesome time in Peru. What an adventure! Thanks for setting it up for us.Peter & Sandy – Peru 2008

I had a truly unforgettable experience on the Apurimac/Inca Trail trip last August. Thank you!! I sure hope to travel again with you. Pass on my best to Pierro, Diego and family/friends when you talk with them.Teresa and Edward Harrison – Peru 2009

You said I would be “well taken care of” and you were so right! It was a fabulous trip and everything was perfect: the itinerary, historical sites, education, guides, food (a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise), the Peruvians and the other tourists in my groups. Even the weather was perfect. The experience was unbelievably wonderful.Wende Lathrum – Peru 2006

I absolutely loved it. Everything ran smoothly and all the guides were knowledgeable/friendly/fun. Your team really looked after us well, and I wanted to pass on our thanks to you and to them. I am working on persuading a few more of my friends to come exploring with me again.Felicia – Inca trail 2010

It was an amazing experience. Piero and everyone made everything so easy! We can't say enough good things. We'd love to see more of Peru and would go just about anyplace in the world with BioBio at the helm.Chris and Heidi Evans – Peru 2009

The trip exceeded my expectations. My friends were duly impressed and I'm certain will be traveling with Bio Bio again. Piero was wonderful. Traveling with 10 women takes a very brave and patient man. He now knows where every bathroom is on the road along with some of the best shopping ever. But, again, thanks for a wonderful experience!Sandy Monahan – Peru 2009

I just wanted to let you know personally,how much we enjoyed our trip to Peru! Everything was fantastic and we couldn't have asked for a better trip! In fact, we were talking to some others who suggested that we do the Futalafu trip in February.Jo-Anne Attard (and Sean Moore) – Peru 2010

What an amazing experience in Peru! The Aprimac was awesome! Having paddled many rivers as well as participated in SRT1 classes, we were very impressed by the skills and professionalism of your river guides. Great food, great equipment and lots of enthusiasm. We had Lisa as our guide and she worked us hard (which we loved!). She is amazingly strong and very safety-conscious. Piero, Santiago, and of course, Diego were terrific and kept us all entertained. The Inca trail was epic and the views and stars were incredible (wish we brought a chart of the southern sky for reference). Little did we expect to be hiking at 14k ft. and still be surrounded by lush jungle foliage and flowers. We were incredibly impressed by our team of cooks and porters. I have never experienced that level of attentiveness and service- especially in the wilderness. Our hotel in Cusco was 5-star and the staff was incredibly attentive and helpful no matter how busy they were. How nice of them to store all our (filthy!) gear in between adventures.John & Dana Sullivan - Peru 2008

Jeff and i had an absolutely wonderful time with you. We felt pampered and safe and, most importantly, part of your very, very unique family of obviously good friends. i can't think of a single moment I'd change. i appreciated how you changed plans when necessary but always had choices and alternatives from which to choose. each and everyone of your guides was remarkable - seemingly willing to do anything to insure us all having the time of our lives. thank you so very much. we both wish you all the success in the world!Linda and Jeff Kaufman – Inca trail 2008

I feel the trip went very well. In many regards it exceeded my expectations (the porters and the cooks on the trail kicked ass!)! The staff was great, the guides did an excellent job, and the scenery was spectacular! For me the highs were the rafting segment (good food and a ton of fun!) and the hike on day 3 (all I can say is wow!). The hike on day 4 up to and including the sungate was amazing, however, while the Machu Picchu architecture and the site itself were amazing.James Greenbaum - Peru 2008

Peru was amazing as promised. Seeing Machu Picchu for the first time from the sungate is soooo rewarding after the long hike. I'm so glad we did the hike instead of just riding to it on a bus it made it much more special. Your river guys/gal ROCK!! No surprises there, we felt safe and had a blast on the Apurimac. The bugs do bite:) Little extras like a the Cuervo shots and light sticks were fun additions, the food was great and Pierro pics were enjoyed by all. The market in Aguas Claientes was great and we enjoyed shopping before dinner. We liked our stay in Casa Andina and thought the location between the square and the Artisan market was perfect. The staff was friendly and helpful there.Shannan - Inca Trail 2007

I have to say that our experience in Peru exceeded my expectations in virtually every way. Piero and Patty and Zak took exceptional care of us. We were utterly free from decision making and I lost track of days and dates right away. Sign of a good trip. As you may know, Piero had more than a few amazing surprises for us, which added to the terrific itinerary that you planned, made our trip unique and wonderful. Logistics were precise and well planned. Drivers prompt, hotels expecting us and efficient check-ins, water available, bags handled behind the scenes and magically appearing in hotel rooms. I didn’t know until we were off the trail how skilled Zak and Piero were at limiting our contact with other groups. We felt like we practically had the trail to ourselves and certainly the sungate when we arrived there.Ginger Alden – Peru 2010

What a wonderful trip!! I have been on many adventure trips--from running across the Morrocan Sahara for 9 days in the Marathon des Sables, to the Himalayan Run and Trek, a 10-day stage run in northeastern India and Sikkim, and private treks and climbs in Nepal--yet this Inca trek in Peru was the best of them all. Likely it was our exceptional group of women "of a certain age" who laughed and struggled together up the trail that made it so special; but our spirits couldn't have stayed so high without the special attention to detail from your Peruvian staff. Piero Vellutino kept us all smiles with his funny comments and big bear hugs. Each time we achieved a goal, a high pass, the end of a long day, the end of the trek to Intipunku, our guides Piero, Omar and Jairo, congratulated and hugged us. They quietly made sure that all camp details were perfect and had friendly words for all the porters. It was a happy trip. Some of us felt poorly from time to time, but were buoyed up by Piero and company so that no one ever considered stopping short of the goal. The trip was a wonderful blend of comraderie, physical challenge, Inca and Quechua cultural immersion and nature education. We were blessed with good weather and fun shopping excursions to top it all off. I can't wait to go back next year to see more of Peru and its lovely people! Regarding highs and lows, there were only highs. The hotels were all very nice, with the Pueblo Inkaterra the loveliest. My only wish is that the trip were longer!!! Though it is best to leave for home wishing for more, rather than wishing to go home--so it was just the right length.Camille Yarbrough – Inca trail 2009

Dear Marc overall, a fantastic trip, a great group, excellent leaders, well-thought planning, all went well. I’m ready to sign up for Africa! :)Kate Cummins - Peru 2006

Marc, The trip was honestly amazing….best trip I have ever been on! It had the perfect balance of tons of adventure and luxury mixed in (food was great everywhere!), and the fact that I didn’t have to worry about a detail because Piero had it all taken care of was fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about the trip, about Piero and the other amazing guides (specifically Jose) that made my experience with Bio Bio and the trip to Peru amazing. I’m planning to look into Bio Bio future trips…maybe Patagonia and/or Mt Kilimanjaro...and would highly recommend your travel group to others. Thanks again!! Also – I will send a few of my fav pics when we get them downloaded! -Colleen Peru Inca trail May 22nd 2011Colleen Klein

Hi Marc, We just returned home from Peru, and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic our trip was. We filled out our formal evaluation, but I wanted to personally relay how incredible Piero and Jose were as our main guides. We really couldn't have asked for more from either of them. They were knowledgeable, funny, conscientious, and super attentive to the whole group, which isn't always easy to do with 16 people! Whenever any of us wanted to do something a little different from the plan for the day, they always had recommendations and offered to make arrangements for us, and they never led us astray. We were really impressed with the whole trip, but the staff - from the guides to the cooks (wow Edgar, what an amazing chef - he baked a birthday cake at 12,000 feet!) to the porters - really surpassed our expectations. Thanks so much for an amazing trip; we hope to use Bio Bio again in the future! Best, Jill Peru - Inca trail May 2011Jill Habig

Hi Marc, Peru was beautiful! Erin and I had a wonderful time and loved that country, its history, its people, the incredible pastoral landscape that surrounded us each day, etc. The Lares Trek was truly unforgettable, even though most of us did not find it 'moderate', as you know! I would also venture to say that our arrival to Machu Picchu was almost anticlimactic, after all we had experienced on the Lares Trek. The Bio-Bio crew was just as great. Our guides were outstanding and each has so much to contribute to this wonderful experience. I particularly loved the interaction of our guides with the rest of the crew, the way they respected and care for one another was wonderful to see. Please thank your Lares Trek Crew for me; we hope to stay in touch with them. Elsa - Lares Trek , August 2011Lares Trek - 2011

Hey Marc The trip was great all of your peeps were very cool, especially alvaro we also enjoyed hanging with paul, piero, and rueben in retrospect i think lares was better choice than inca trail. i loved not seeing other tourists and getting a feel for the real peru...after all, thats what we were there for your folks on the trek that carried gear, prepared food, set up tents, etc. were totally amazing! i can't even imagine how much was going on behind the scene. everything was always ready for us...first class all the way. thanks Marc, you have some great people working for you. I'll need to save up and do another trip with you guys cheers Miles Koenigsberg - Lares 2011Lares Trek

Dear Bio Bio, I’ve traveled all over the world with well known touring companies and I have to say you guys are the best!! For my 40th birthday, a group of 16 friends headed down to Peru to hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu. We were thrilled mountain biking and horse back riding were also included. And while we knew the trip would be filled with adventure, we didn’t expect the level of luxury Bio Bio offers. The hotels we stayed in were beautiful. The food tent on the trail is out of this world! And speaking of the food, it was gourmet at every stop. We still can’t figure out how the chefs make such amazing meals on the trail. But I think the best part of Bio Bio is the people you have working with you. Our guides (Piero, Jose, Jairo and Reuben) made the trip! They are fun and great to hang out with, but also really knowledgeable about the local area. And they go above and beyond. Here are two examples. One was in the cloud forest. The guides woke up at 5am to see if the sky was clear. It was, so they woke everyone up and we climbed to the top of the hill to have a view from the top of the world. Plus, the porters had already set up our coffee table so we drank hot coffee and gazed out over the Andes. The second was when we arrived through the sun gate at Machu Picchu. Bio Bio got us there in the late afternoon. While I was skeptical about this at first (most get there at sunrise), it was the best plan! We literally had Machu Picchu to ourselves. No crowds. No lines. Plus, the guides hiked for 4 days with champagne in their packs so we could toast to our accomplishment. I can’t say enough about this trip. Our entire group is now looking at going to Chile together, of course with Bio Bio. With tons of love and admiration, Wendy W. Damonte Evening News Anchor, KTVN-TV Channel 2 Wendy W. Damonte Evening News Anchor, KTVN-TV CHANNEL 2 p. 775-861-4234 f. 775-861-4246Wendy W. Damonte Evening News Anchor, KTVN-TV Channel 2

Hello Marc, I suspect it is no surprise to you, but our recent trip was fantastic. Piero, Zacarias, and Elias were wonderful guides, combining both personal and professional skills. They represented BioBio extremely well. I know that the quality of their work was such, that if any of the 14 of us seek adventure travel again, our first choice would be bio bio. David GreenClassic Inca trail - David Green 2012

It as fabulous!!! The trek was as exciting if not more exciting than seeing Machu Picchu . Jose, yuri and Ricardo were fantastic - very knowledgeable, attentive to individual needs - all questions were answered. The food surpassed our expectations. The organization of the camp and trekking timing was fantastic. Please continue to use this crew!!!! We will look at bio bio for other activities. Thank you Jim KupczakJim Kupczak, Peru Inca trail


Jorge was fantastic. He was competent, professional, personable and charming -- even to this 67 year old male! Of course, the women loved him too. My only complaint about Jorge is that he managed to find a class III line through Ghost Rider. I didn't even get wet! The trip surpassed my expectations on several levels and I am still trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Paul is a national treasure and Charles, at Little Makolo, managed to find us two leopards hunting (actually stalking and chasing prey) on the last evening there. What a way to end! Wow! At this point I am still somewhat overwhelmed by it all. I will certainly urge my friends to seek you out for an adventure of a lifetime.Joe Livak - Zambezi

My expectations for Africa were high, and Bio Bio was able to exceed them in every way. The trip was smooth, spirits were high, the scenery spectacular, and I always felt well taken care of. I know the Bio-Bio guides are the best out there. After seeing you work together on the Zambezi, I realize the experience you all have cannot be compared. I would not raft the Zambezi (or any other big whitewater river) with anyone else. The best part about my Bio Bio Expedition was the tone of the trip. The mood was always positive, festive, and comfortable, and this is a tribute to the guides.Stephanie Poole - Zambezi

Your Zambezi Explorer was an extraordinary and unforgettable trip, and we are thrilled that we were able to participate. We had never been to Africa before, and to receive an in-depth immersion into three countries, three distinct cultures, over the course of two weeks was an astonishing gift. The trip was a true journey that took us so outside our normal experience that we felt as if we had entered another universe. The magnificence and grandeur of the geography and the wildlife were simply incomparable, and the clock-work precision of Bío-Bío’s organization was more than amazing. In two weeks, we only experienced only one 10-minute delay at a river border crossing. How good can it get! Our Bío-Bío guide Johnny Snyder’s performance, under some challenging and unexpected circumstances, was no less than heroic, and the unflappable love and kindness that he showered on each of us at all times was remarkable. This was a complex trip involving a multi-day canoe safari on the Upper Zambezi, a multi-day water and land safari in Botswana, and a four-day rafting expedition through the gorges of the mighty Zambezi, along with activities in both Zambia and Zimbabwe and accommodations ranging from deluxe safari lodges to river-side camps along the Zambezi. Despite this complexity, the trip unfolded seamlessly like an intricately choreographed ballet, and we stand in awe of Bío-Bío’s organizational skills and management for making this happen. Becky Sisk - 2013 ZambeziZambezi Explorer - 2013 -

Lorenzo and Terry! Great to hear from you and that you are both safely home! Tug and I were wondering how your leg was doing and what all happened?? We want you both to know that we have been home almost a week now and are still talking about the FABULOUS trip we had with you! Everything was soooo wonderful...from the places we stayed, the yummy food, the warm the exhilarating activities of the gorge swing, the Canoe safari to getting down and conquering most of those class 5 rapids!! WooHoo!! It was two weeks of incredible beauty that we will never forget and we just want to thank you so much for all the planning and work that went into creating such an incredible experience! "WOW!" It was such a pleasure to meet you both and we hope to be able to travel with you both again sometime! Thank you so much! (please let us know about your leg) Blessings, Angela Zambezi Explorer 2015Zambezi Explorer

Lorenzo and Terry, I agree wholeheartedly with Ang's comments above. As far as the itinerary, I don't think that I would change it at all. I am glad that we spent the bulk of our time in Zimbabwe, and did the two excursions into Botswana and Zambia. We thought that the people were extremely accommodating. We felt safe at all times, and that we had everything available that we needed. Thank you both for being such gracious hosts, which reinforces our experience in Chile. For friends that have asked me about the trip, I have tried to come up with a succinct phrase to capture the experience before going into the details, and I call it the Quintessential African Adventure. Thank you both very much. Tug Zambezi Explorer 2015Zambezi Explorer 2015

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