Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fishing Report from Futa (post-volcano)

Posted in Futaleufu by Marc Goddard at 08:01 AM

For those of you interested in how the Chaiten Volcano eruption (in May, 2008) has affected fishing on the Futaleufu, read on for the perspective of our guide Alex Obregon who was in Futa in February.......

Ahhh Futa, so much fun. The river is running low, great fishing flow! I didn’t have all that much time but managed to fish a good deal, my heart is content. You were right, the fishing is great! Fish in front of camp (good), on the Island (good, small), Puerto Ramirez (fun), magic carpet rapid (abundant, hit them like a sniper!), Inferno Canyon (the challenge), El Limite (the border - clear water, lots of fish), El Rio Azul (not rated) and the Seno Muerto Lake (beautiful). Some spots better than others but fun. There is an abundant and healthy bug population, caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, dragon flies, damsel flies...the list goes on...basically all good signs of the good health of the water’s ecosystem. The visibility of the water is not quite the same as before, but the color is just as dramatic - it picks up hues of turquoise more like the Azul. The fish are not as easy to spot, but with good polarized aid and a bit of “know where to” look, you will find them. The section of El Limite (the border) is still crystal clear water, there are lots of fish up there. Some say that the fish from the Espolon got out and headed upstream, concentrating on that short section. Dry fly fun everywhere. The take out not so easy, right at the eddy above that “mini zeta” rapid under the Puente Robert...long haul with the gear to the road. In front of camp you can go out and catch an early morning Trucha (rainbow trout) just before breakfast, while the Yogis stretch their muscles...or... At the end of the day a happy hour hunt down by the Island and come back just in time for dinner. Heading downstream to Magic Carpet rapid for a little kayak surf...and fish... This is more laid back fishing (that is after negotiating the whitewater that guards the pool). After a couple of magic carpet rides (hopefully without getting whirlpooled) I sat on a warm rock overlooking the eddy, while in it, the food spins around and around...and with it comes the target...rainbows that feed carelessly unaware, like riding on a carousel. Much like a sniper, pick your target and put your fly out there...all is left are a few seconds of suspense and zaz! Set your hook! Play your fish, loading the synergy of the rod until your fish jumps out of the water to throw some aerial moves...we could make a fish rodeo...what you think about that..! Puerto Ramirez is a really beautiful section of water. I especially like that turn behind the Island in front of the beach we once camped at. The water here is almost still and also holds the clear color. So calm you can spot any action breaking the surface from one corner of the Island to the other...peaceful! I think that my favorite venture was into the Seno Muerto Lake, that little one next to Lake Lonconao. Dude, it is amazing the color of the water. It has a shallow section about 3-4 feet deep that extends from the shoreline like a white rim some 20-30 feet, and then drops dramatically into the deep blue, disappearing underneath you in between logs and old trees that have fallen down through time and now serve as shelter for rainbows and browns...the latter more conservative, shy...perhaps smarter...bigger...I only caught the not so smart ones... When you look down into the water it feels as if one is diving under, trying to find the bottom of the lake with the an aquarium. I wanted to share my fishing with you, I know its long and boring, more boring than fishing itself you might think...but when and if someone asks you about the fishing on the Fu, post volcano eruption, you will have more to tell them... I am very happy I went and I am even happier we are going back, the place is great! I wouldn’t say that there is no ash, but after you are in the town of Futa, you come back to the Bio Bio camp in the sector Azul and it feels like the oasis it has always been, now more so. I uploaded some pictures of the fishing adventure under “Fish Report”, check them out. ...Alex...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Bio Bio Baby

Posted in Guides by Marc Goddard at 07:51 AM

Marc and Damara are proud to introduce the newest member of the Bio Bio Team! Lilian Paz Goddard was born on December 22nd, 2008. She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. The expanded family is doing great and Quinn loves being a big brother! Although this kept us from Chile this year, we have had a great winter here in Truckee and are looking forward to next season on the Futaleufu.

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